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"One of the greatest necessities in America is to discover creative solitude."  Carl Sandburg
I paint to lose myself. When I stop painting, I am somehow born anew.


I started painting in oils late in my career, but I've been an artist all of my life. In spite of my being relatively new to this medium, I think this wealth of experience has lead me to some unique interpretations. You see, early on, I was lucky to be mentored by one of my high school art teachers. He truly was a "Renaissance man" who gave me some of his personal art books, critiqued many of my studies, and encouraged my creative. Years later, when I returned to college to study graphic design, I encountered a department rich with teaching talent from some of the finest art schools. It was then that I experienced laying down my first 'gorgeous curve', learned the simple meditation of caring for a beloved paint brush, and caught my first glimpse of the importance of imbuing my own interpretation into any piece of art. I now revel in a brush mark that is itself a thing of beauty; swoon when I mix a color that lights up in just the right way; sigh as a shape grows as I see it in my mind's eye!
As a graphic designer and colorist, it is not surprising that I am drawn to the 'graphic' and 'color' offerings of deep shadows, repetition of shapes, and visual honesty. The challenge and juxtaposition of their complex colors and form just seems to draw me in. I love it that my pastel pieces actually look as though they were painted in pastels instead of oil – the prepared 100% rag paper does this because of the way it absorbs the oil, creating a matt finish of residual pigment. 
Domestic and wild creatures are frequently present in my art. I am continually pursuing my special relationship with them, and as a result, they often work [...]

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