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McGregor / Waco, Texas-based artist Lee James began his journey in fine art without really knowing it when he was about 9 years old. Growing up in Raleigh, NC, Lee always drew a lot.......cars, homes, house plans, architecture, etc. more as "technical drawings." His work career in the corporate world in engineering, management, marketing, design, inventing, and corporate training prevailed for many years. Fine art would not come into play for Lee until later in life, when the time was right, and the influences were there to nudge him into this! The initial influence was his then 6 year old son, who while “bored” (again) one evening, asked him to draw a “super hero.” When he replied “I can’t do that”, his son immediately challenged him by saying "Dad, YOU always told ME not to say I can't!!" So naturally he had to! His son’s challenge, soon to be followed by his wife’s challenge to try oils, kicked off his journey in the fine art world, while continuing in the corporate world. He never forgot being challenged by his own words being thrown back at him and still challenges himself with that in whatever he does.
He went on to have many interesting and challenging positions, including being selected to attend IBM’s prestigious Systems Research Institute in NYC. Along the way, he also began taking art courses and attending art workshops. In that time frame, his work was very realistic. It sold well, won awards, and was included in corporate, private, and state collections. An oil painting of Morro Bay won Honorable Mention at the N.C State Fair. His watercolor "Swansboro" was chosen for the 1995 North Carolina Wildlife Calendar and another watercolor "The Landing" hangs in a N.C Welcome Center. He was represented and showing at galleries in Raleigh N.C. [...]

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