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Lee is a graduate of the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore, Maryland.  His education at the Schuler School provided a classical foundation in figure drawing, sculpture, anatomy, portraiture, and still life painting.  By stretching canvases, applying glue sizing and lead primer, grinding pigments with black oil, and producing Maroger medium Lee has continued a legacy that began in the 16th century.
In addition to the techniques of applying paint, the Schuler School’s emphasis on drawing, value, temperature, and color has enabled Lee to paint a wide variety of subjects.  This ability has allowed him to gain recognition as a painter of landscapes, florals, figures, portraits, and still lifes.  He won the Excellence in Still Life Award at the 2010 National OPA Exhibition in Scottsdale, Arizona.  His still lifes have also been awarded the Editor’s Choice Award from American Art Collector magazine and the Pioneer in Realism Award from the International Guild of Realism.  His florals, landscapes, and portraits have earned him over a dozen awards from Artists’ magazine, and five from International Artist magazine.  His work has also garnered awards from Southwest Art, the Art Renewal Center, the American China Oil Painting Artist League, and major exhibitions nationally.
Lee has been featured in several publications, including the books “100 Ways To Paint Flowers And Gardens” and “Incite4: Relax. Restore. Renew.” In 2012, International Artist magazine did a 12-page feature story on the artist.  A feature article also appeared in American Art Collector magazine in 2005.  His illustrations were used for an article in “War Cry,” the Salvation Army magazine, and as cover art for two books.  Lee’s commissioned portraits can be found in corporate office buildings and schools including the Gilman School in Baltimore and the Mead Johnson corporate headquarters in Chicago.
Although his work has always had a nostalgic focus, including [...]

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