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Raised in Pennsylvania , my husband and I moved to central Florida in 1979.  So we are nearly natives.
I first began painting in watercolor, but then eventually I moved through acrylics to do wall murals, soft pastels for chalk art and nostalgic portraits, and finally oils where I plan to stay.
In 2003 we took our first trip to Italy and it was everything I dreamed it would be. I fell in love with all things Italian and as a result my work is heavily influenced by the Italian countryside, light, architecture, and people.
Wherever I go I'm always looking at the landscape, and thinking about how I would paint it.  One day driving in the car with my husband I made a remark about the clouds. It must have been a strange remark, because he looked at me and said "You really do see thing differently don't you?"  So, that's me in a nutshell, I see things differently.
 Maybe I do things differently too, because in 2016 I began painting almost exclusively with painting knives. I like being able to create texture and skip thick paint over the surface without creating mud.
You may have heard my squeals of excitement when I found out that my new painting"October Fields" was accepted into the Oil Painters of America National Exhibition for 2018. Well, maybe you didn't hear me, but I can tell you for sure that everyone in my neighborhood heard me celebrating for days.
Just to say a little about all the different artistic avenues I've strolled down, they include book illustration, mural painting, and even decorative work for some major restaurant chains.
​ My illustration work includes "The Adventures With PawPaw" by Diana Scimone, “Born To Fly” also by Diana Scimone, a wordless book for Born2fly.org designed to teach children and their parents about the [...]

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