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Every artist will tell you that they have loved to draw from the time they could hold a crayon. I’m no different. 
I remember when my cousin, a couple of years my junior, won an art award in his elementary school. It was then that I decided a real artist was some sort of phenom. Not something I was born to. It didn’t stop me from drawing, but it did make me think a career in art was not something in my future. 
 When I was about ten or eleven, my dad ‘hired’ me to do a panel cartoon for his newsletter that he wrote. It was  for an outdoor hunting and fishing organization he belonged to. That was my first art job and I loved it. 
Several years later, marriage and two children later I took a watercolor class at the local art school. I was hooked. I immediately and naively applied to a job hand painting designs on leather gift items. For some reason he gave me a chance and ended up hiring me. During this time I participated in a number of well established art festivals all over my state. I did well in the festivals, but the stress of dealing with wind, rain, and watercolors in the weather convinced me to go in another direction.
A couple of years later I applied to and got a job as a mural artist. I worked hard and learned a lot. Enough in fact to start my own mural company. Things were going great. I had a lot of clients due to word of mouth and several high end interior designers. In spite of that I eventually began to feel dissatisfied. I had learned a lot of tricks to paint quickly, and a lot about brush control, and color mixing. But I didn’t feel [...]

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