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The Artist Says:

I try to reveal the beauty and the truth I see and hopefully create an intimate connection with the viewer.

Dealers Say:

With lavishly rich colors on linen canvas, the paintings of Lea Colie Wight will transport the viewer to a calming, sumptuous place. Her still-life works take everyday objects and display them in an inviting tranquil setting. The balance of soft light and intense color is a tool in the hands of this skilled artist who truly goes beyond classical realism.

Kathleen Settles
The M. Christina Geis Art Gallery


When I was a kid I spied on people.  I looked in their windows at night.  Now I do it when I paint. 
I work from life. When a person sits for for me they go inside somewhere.  Most often what I pick up from them
 gets into the painting.  The same happens when I paint interiors.   Of course it's a two way street. 
Blank slates don't interest me.
Lea Colie Wight was born in Philadelphia, Pa in 1951.  She earned a BFA from The Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 1974.  In 2003 Lea discovered Studio Incamminati, an intensive Atelier founded in Philadelphia by renowned artist Nelson Shanks and entered as a student.  After completing her studies Lea was invited to join the teaching staff rising to become one of the lead teachers at that school.  Lea periodically served as teaching assistant to Nelson Shanks at The Art Students League in New York and has served as lead instructor for various Studio Incamminati workshops as well as her own workshops.  She has been awarded an Honor Award at the Portrait Society of America’s national competition in 2009 and in 2010 as well as a Certificate of Excellence in 2011. Her work has been featured in numerous publications. Lea maintains a studio in Philadelphia as well as Manasquan, NJ. and teaches workshops throughout the country.
"Foundations of Classical Oil Painting"
"Color Essentials: A Painter's Guide"
"Just Say No to Art" a film by Scott Burdick
Featuring  Rachel Constantine, Diane Feissel, Sue Lyon, myself and a cast of similarly addicted artists
Selected Exhibitions and Competitions
2019 Crane Arts - Lea Colie Wight, Paintings and Drawings
2013 The National Arts Club, NYC solo exhibition
2008 Georgian Court University "Beyond Classical Realism: Paintings of Light and Color" 
Solo Exhibitions:
2019 Crane Arts - Lea Colie Wight, Paintings and Drawings
2013 The National Arts Club, NYC solo exhibition
2008 Georgian [...]

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