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"I was thinking about religion and your art. The reason I feel so close to your pieces is that experiencing your work is how I want to experience my faith.

Your art is full of joy and love and I truly believe that those pure emotions connect us with God. They also allow us to connect with each other, the world around us and the universe.

Life is full of challenges and you are able to put them in a framework that speaks of a rich and positive faith. Thank you again for your heart!!!"
- MaryLincoln Neely, Sept 8th 2011

I love my husband. I love my daughter who shows me what kindness in action is.

I love my son who makes me laugh every day.
I love crescent moons.
I love cowgirl boots I love my kids. I want to eat them.I I love how my mom and dad love each other and it radiates out. My dad carved a G and R in concrete on their front step.
I love horses
I love my kids faces, up real close.
I love dogs faces, up real close.
I love Kellie Rae Roberts art.And her words, like a blanket around my shoulders.
I love Michel Keck, her art. And her fun bio.
I love Ann Rea for being so bold and reminding us artists to succeed.
I love Kelly.
I love my first group of close girlfriends, where all we did was compliment each other. I love huge canvases. I love music. I love to dance. I love to laugh. I love my studio. I smile when I walk in. Matt had it built for me in a week while we were in New Mexico. I love Professor Hill who said " [...]

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