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Lawrence Klimecki is a liturgical and religious artist, illustrator, designer, writer, and Catholic deacon. His work is dedicated to helping others rediscover the sacred and spiritual aspects of their lives. Deacon Lawrence draws on ancient iconography and tradition to create art that invites the viewer to reconnect with the the spiritual world that exists alongside the world we know. His art as well as his writing is designed to make us more fully aware of who we are and what we can accomplish.
As a writer, Lawrence encourages others, particularly artists, to discover their gifts and talents and find ways to use those gifts to add to the beauty of the world.
Deacon Lawrence is a popular speaker on the topic of the intersection of art and faith. His clients have included leaders in Catholic media and publishing such as EWTN, The Catholic Register, Paulist Press and Liturgical Training Publications.
He currently lives in Northern California, serving as a deacon in the diocese of Sacramento.
"Recognizing that we live in two worlds, the spiritual and the physical, is key if we are to realize what it means to be fully human." -Lawrence Klimecki, deacon

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