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Becoming an artist takes passion, focus and practice, practice, practice.


 From my back door I can see the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains and the soft curves of it's foothills. The peaks, blue against the sky, are sometimes covered with snow. The grassy hills, sprinkled with trees, are draped and twisted with rivers and streams, that is, when California is not having a drought. As a landscape artist having a plethora of subject matter so nearby, whether wet  or  dry, is a plus.  The climate of my work is based on what I see and what I feel. There is a quiet peacefulness and appreciation as I paint what God has created.  With humility, I am grateful for the beauty that is everywhere.  My prayer is that this peace and sense of well-being will be experienced and impact those who share my love of landscape.
LaVone Sterling, is an internationally published, awarding winning  artist, who lives with her husband in Visalia, California.  LaVone's first art teacher was her aunt, Eunice Sargent Johnson.  As a child she lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and spent weekends at art galleries and museums.  Early on, LaVone was drawn to artist, John Singer Sargent and in particular Sargent's use of  light.  LaVone didn't have trees in her yard in Richmond, but a neighbor had a eucalyptus tree.  LaVone spent hours lying beneath her neighbor's tree,  mesmerized by the changing colors as the light danced through the leaves.   This was the path, the beginning of her art journey.
LaVone holds a Master's Degree in Art and is a former community college art instructor.  Apart from her formal education, LaVone  values her training with talented artists and friends, Daniel James Keyes and Richard McKinley.  LaVone is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America;  the Pastel Society of the West [...]

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