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Born and raised in Bath, Ohio, Laurie grew up surrounded by woods, ravines, pastures and streams.  The thickly wooded hills around the Hale Homestead and what is now the Cuyohoga State Park were her "backyard" playground, where she climbed trees, turned every log into a "horse", and always had to be coaxed inside!  The lush, rolling landscape was dotted with old barns and a covered bridge, and the cacophony of singing birds was as constant and captivating as the exploring!  She excelled in art from early childhood; and along with an innate artistic ability and a love for music (having been born into a highly musical family with an artistic mother), she was born with a love for horses, for the outdoors, and for nature's beauty deeply encoded within the mystical fabric of being that is Spirit- so it's no wonder that she ended up in the Colorado Rocky Mountains!

Although it was the wide open spaces that drew her, Laurie originally moved to the Gunnison valley for college and stayed. Her innate love of the outdoors developed into a deep love for the mountains, serving as heart-felt inspiration for her paintings.  Laurie has an intimate knowledge of the landscapes she paints, having spent many years teaching and guiding on horseback and cross country skis, mountain running, hiking and backpacking in Colorado's backcountry and wilderness.  Momentary and unexpected lighting, storms that one wouldn't otherwise venture out in, and the fleeting nuances of nature serve as the heartbeat of her paintings.  Painting "as the soul sees", she captures those transient subtleties of color and light, and those moments and simple aspects of beauty that stir one's soul.  Giving "voice" to the musical quality of color, Laurie's paintings impart a sense of the transcendent.  

Describing her style as "Impressionistic Realism", Laurie's technique is a delicate balance in combination of fluid, painterly qualities [...]

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