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                      "Draw this line, only as you feel it to be the most worthwhile act of your life."    --Paul Reps  
Laurie Asahara was raised on the Big Island of Hawaii and grew up within the vivid floral palette of the lush tropics. Laurie's art reflects her impressions of the areas of the Western U.S. where she has lived: Hawaii, the desert southwest, northern California, western Washington, and Idaho. Having been a floral painter for many years, Laurie took an interest in portrait painting and now captures the diverse collection of personalities she finds in Eagle, Idaho where she now resides. Laurie had an earlier career as a practicing attorney, but now devotes full time to her art.
Artist's Statement
I am a floral and portrait painter working predominantly in watercolor. This agile medium is ideal for layering pigment into luminous washes and creating stunning depth of color. Rendering the elements of sunlight, shadow, and reflected light with transparent pigment creates a fascinating dimensionality on the surface of the paper.
I strive to make my work captivate the viewer at first glance. I manipulate abstract shapes within organic forms to create optical cues that lead the eye through the composition via the interplay of shape, color, light, and shadow. My goal is to share my interpretation of natural forms, and invite people to see and feel the same excitement that I do. I developed a passion for the bold interplay of color as a child on the Big Island of Hawaii, a lush and vividly-hued environment.  
My most recent floral paintings celebrate the newly authorized wine growing area of the state—The Snake River Valley American Viticultural Area. Grape growing is flourishing in Idaho and the succulent fruits and leafy vines are gorgeous subjects of my latest work. The portrait collection I’ve created reflects the broad range of [...]

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