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Artists use abstraction to push beyond the recognizable world and ornamentation to decorate it.  My work explores the relationship between the two in vibrantly colored and highly textured paintings. Identifiable forms and motifs blending with spontaneous gestural work bring the two pursuits into a particular kind of harmony.
The eye will automatically seek out familiar forms so I begin by imprinting combinations of patterns into plaster with wood blocks and then highlight certain details with contrasting colors.  I paint in interlacing flowers, trailing vines, and spiraling geometric shapes to make the composition rhythmical rather than random. Then I intentionally disrupt the subtle functions of the forms or narrative by the addition or removal of more texture, in this case plaster and acrylic mediums. I break out the hand sander and remove areas that ‘aren’t working’. It’s a very process-driven, transformative style. The challenge is to not go too far in one direction and destroy what might have taken months to build up. It’s a fine line and not without risk but if the painting begins to look too predictable I’m compelled to remove what I call the obviousness of it. I’m inspired by the frescoes of antiquity and attracted to the look of what remains. It reminds me of what would happen in nature – the little bits that have stood the test of time and continue to exist. The destruction and persistence of the piece is my modern take on an ancient craft.


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