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Favorite quote written by William Blake in 1800:  "My fingers emit sparks of fire with expectation of my future labors."


I was ten years old when I won a litter poster contest for the county of Hampshire in the south of England. My prize was a set of oil paints. This was not the beginning of my art career however, for my earliest memories are all about drawing with pencils my dad sharpened with a knife, on stacks of used office paper he'd bring home from work.
With my parents, art was a priority.  They collected art books and prints, and I grew up with the images of Frederic Remington, Montague Dawson, Diego Velazquez, Norman Rockwell, and N.C. Wyeth in my head. Vacations were planned around visiting the great art museums of the world in London, Paris, Madrid, Florence, Rome, and New York City.  To earn the privilege of accompanying my parents on these trips, my sister, brother, and I had to read at least three books about the country we would be visiting.  On each of these trips, my dad would invariably stop us at some beautiful spot and say, "Now kids, I want you to remember this."  We did remember, and continued this tradition with our own kids.
My dad was an aeronautical engineer by day and an oil painter by night, on weekends, and holidays.  Until I left home for college, I spent my evenings side by side with him at the dining table doing homework while he painted.  The only A+ earned during my college years was for an essay I wrote about him entitled "Through an Artist's Eye" - how he taught me to see the world from this unique point of view.
I received a bachelors degree from the University of California at Davis and a masters degree from the University of Northern Colorado, and worked as an elementary school teacher and sometimes portrait artist and illustrator before [...]

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