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Following the study of art and photography at Pratt Institute in the early 1970's,  I became an assistant to Martha Swope and photographed theatrical productions on and off Broadway.   Moving into a loft  in an old warehouse building in Soho, I had plenty of space to build a darkroom and pursue my personal photography.   The creative atmosphere in the city during this period was vibrant, inspirational and clearly contagious.

My experience in and around the theatre led me to take a slight detour in my commercial work.  I decided to create and stage my own dramas.  Using real actors didn't exactly inspire me.  I found myself being drawn into the company of  mannequins, soft sculptures, wounded and discarded dolls, and my exploding imagination.  After collecting masks, false teeth, eye balls, stage make up, well worn wigs, thrift shop clothing, doll houses and street trash, it was time to "let the show begin". 
As a result of discovering the potential of this new imaginary world, the landscape and characters for my stage began to evolve. Mannequins were cast as actors and were housed in costumes and disguised behind masks. They, as well as a variety of other fantastical and unlikely participants,  quickly became the vehicle for my creative expression and have continued  for the past 40 years.   This ever changing cast that lives inside my imagination never tires of commenting on and dramatizing political, social, sexual, psychological, and spiritual issues that are under debate in contemporary politics and society in general. 

The psychology of the mind has always intrigued me.  Peeling away the layers of personae and exploring the inner psyche provides endless inspiration.   It is inside the privacy of my mind that I find Freedom of Expression.  The complexities and mysteries of its contents are readily embraced and explored.  I travel where they lead me with [...]

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