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"Art is, after all, only a trace - like a footprint which shows that one has walked bravely and in great happiness."
(Robert Henri)


Artist Statement
Believe, Trust, Pursue
Believe in yourself, trust your inner voice, and pursue your dreams
Laura Mocnik was born and raised in Michigan.  Since a very early age, she loved to draw and always thought she would have a career in the field of art but was sidetracked and became an Executive Secretary at Ford Motor Company for 20 years.  She now spends her time pursing her interests in drawing and painting again.  Although she has taken oil painting, watercolor and life drawing classes at Henry Ford College and Monroe Community College, her choice of medium now is pastel.  She loves pastel because it allows her to draw with color.  Drawing the human figure is her greatest interest over and above any other subject matter.
Laura is basically self-taught in the pastel medium but continues to study the Masters.  She works mostly from photos she has taken of people in natural poses.  "These people are my people.  They are telling a story."  When looking through the many photos she has taken, often times one will connect with her and she feels a strong motivation to draw it.   "I become intoxicated with the thing I want to express.  If that will is not strong, I will see all kinds of unessential things."  She hopes to capture emotions and stories through her pastels.  
Since being diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2006, she decided to throw herself into her work entering many local art shows and winning numerous awards.  In [...]

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