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From her childhood at the Jersey Shore, to her life as an artist on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, Laura McGowan has been drawn to the creative life. Her realistic oil paintings are her way of capturing meaningful moments in the natural world, translating the emotions of these scenes into art.
McGowan came to her love for oil painting relatively late in life. “I was shy as a child, preferring to observe the world around me,” she remembers. “I spent almost every summer day at the beach, but also enjoyed quiet pursuits like drawing and painting.” A good student academically, she didn’t see fine art as the most practical career choice. McGowan decided to combine her skills in mathematics and art by studying architecture at Cornell University. But after a year, she had second thoughts. “I was really more interested in interior design. One of my favorite things to do as a teenager was to redecorate rooms, both physically and in my head. I’d been afraid of not fully using my academic strengths, but interior design was what I was most interested in.” After switching majors and then colleges, McGowan graduated from Pratt Institute in 1984 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in interior design.
The following years saw McGowan designing corporate interiors in New York and London, then switching gears and obtaining a Masters Degree in Education, moving to Virginia and getting married, and working as a first grade teacher and finally an elementary art teacher. 
“Through it all, I always felt the urge to create,” says McGowan. “I dabbled in a myriad of creative hobbies - drawing, watercolors, knitting, pottery, sewing, printmaking, decorating, gardening, cooking, and playing the violin.” But she wasn’t passionate enough about any of the hobbies to choose one and take it further. 
Then, in 2011, McGowan enrolled in an oil [...]

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