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I love bringing history to life for people to enjoy in their homes. I have enjoyed history since childhood when my parents would take us on history vacations every summer. I was in awe of the old buildings and beautiful landscapes. As I got older these structures and sites were recorded as pencil and pen drawings, now they’re painted in oil. The style and subjects I choose are mainly representational landscapes and architecture leaning toward contemporary impressionism.
I paint alla prima, a wet into wet technique both in the studio and en plein air, on canvas, linen, and handmade muslin panels. The feel of the oil paint on these different surfaces is enjoyable due to the ability of laying down a brush stroke that stays, moving the paint around, scraping off, or layering until I get my desired result. My new found love of painting is like meditation for me, where getting lost in a painting can sometimes lead to painting all day!
Mostly inspired by the story of the scenes around me, It is my impression of these places that I hope the viewer will recognize, feel as having been there, or possibly be inspired to go and see it for themselves. I seek to render a sort of familiarity where the viewer feels comfortable and maybe even sentimental. I work mainly in a limited palette. My intent is to learn to expand my color knowledge through experimentation and by pushing the limits of what I have available in front of me. 

Laural was born in Austin, Texas and picked up art at an early age. She was encouraged to pursue art throughout her school years. She is a 1986 graduate of Texas Christian University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design, with a focus on architectural illustration and fine art.  After graduating, she [...]

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