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The Artist Says:

While being on top of a mountain is exhilarating and fairly epic finding a unique and wildly-dainty bloom on a tiny plant along a walking path is also a moment of wonder.  My hope for myself and you is that we will see the beauty all around us.  Whether it be in the face of child we sit near, the view of a field and trees we pass by or even a piece of glassware we have at home.  Our lives will be richer and we will be more grateful and happy when we see the beauty that surrounds us.  I hope my art sparks a sense of wonder in us, that we begin to notice more as we go through the rhythms of our lives.


Meet Laura: She’s a native Texan who’s lived in Nevada, Oregon, New Orleans and Nashville.  Her recent move to Dallas brought her closer to her roots and has afforded her the opportunity to put aside her career in the non-profit world and pursue a long held dream of creating art full-time.  Art must be in her blood. Her great-grandmother painted flowers and landscapes then her mother painted and drew, and as a child Laura loved art more than any other subject in school! Seeing that passion early-on her parents started her in oil painting lessons in high school.  Since then she has taken several workshops, but is mostly self-taught through experimenting and practicing her craft. For over a decade Laura used oils and acrylics as means to create beautiful high-end faux finishes and murals in the Nashville area.  
Currently she's finding ways to create and express in oils, acrylics, and watercolor.  Laura creates in her home studio in North Dallas, when she's not out in the great outdoors painting plein air in locations all over the US, including Hawaii.  She belongs to local art associations and recently served on the Board of Southwestern Watercolor Society.?? Laura feels fortunate to love her work!  She can often be found with a paint brush or camera in hand while on “vacation”...she just loves to capture the beauty of everyday life!   She feels, “Every detail, every layer of color can help to bring back memories of special moments in our lives.  We live on an amazing planet.  It’s one way God reminds me how much He loves us.”  
Her current inspiring artists are Mary Whyte, Michael Holter, Jan Kunz, James Toogood, Susan Bourdet.  At present she is studying under notable oil painter Phil Starke. She is also a fan of “Watercolor Secrets” book by Rachel Wolf. “Learning is a [...]

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