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Classically trained representational artist, Laura Darnell, specializes in portraits and figurative works.  She also enjoys landscapes and plein air.   Whether working in the studio or in nature, she captures her subjects using a sensitive eye towards mood and detail. Primarily working with oil on canvas, her brush strokes are described as bold and purposeful yet evoke a magical quality.  She utilizes primarily natural light whether it’s working with children for a portrait or in nature. Laura works to convey her subjects’ personalities highlighting their subtleties through her extraordinary eye to detail and color.
Laura finds inspiration from her faith and family.  She is a graduate of U.C.L.A. and has studied at ateliers from Florence to Los Angeles.  Spending many years studying the masters and embracing their classical techniques, she can work in everything from a painterly, impressionistic style to classic portraiture.  Her works cover subjects from her travels throughout Europe, South America and the U.S. 
Currently residing on the east coast and can be found painting from Maine to Florida.
-Graduate UCLA Bachelor of Arts 1998
-Mission Renaissance Pacific Palisades, CA 2002-2005
-Florence Academy of Art 2004-2005
-Los Angeles Figurative Academy of Art 2005-2006
-Crearte Costa Rica 2006
-MECA Portland, ME 2006-2007

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