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I was born  in Roanoke, Virginia. I moved to Montana in 1994, and studied fine art at the University of Montana in Missoula for two years. I completed my formal art education at the San Francisco Art Institute, earning a BFA in 1999. City life was exciting, but my affection towards Montana was too strong, and I returned to the Big Sky state in 2000.
Today, I make my home in Missoula where I paint in my studio. I have a true passion for the wild spaces of the west, as I document my experiences of nature in evocative abstract landscapes. I love to work with color and light in representing the moods and places I have seen in the wilderness. I have backpacked extensively in Montana, Canada, Wyoming, and Alaska, and draw on these locations to create my oils. My work is as much about memory as it is about place. I look upon my paintings as a map of my life, which I am constantly creating.
Through my work, I wish to share peace and positivity. When I am creating my work, I feel a sense of meditation and calm. To share this work with others is truly a gift and I am grateful. You will see that I create many dreamy landscapes, I also create realistic birds, a continuing body of modern linear abstract work, marine work, and other animals. I have a growing collection of hat designs and my hats are available in my Etsy shop. https://www.etsy.com/shop/LauraBlueArt I follow my intuition through painting, drawing, and creating. 
BFA - San Francisco Art Institute, 1999
August, Paris Gibson Square Museum, Great Falls "Starlight" 20x16" oil on canvas 
June, Holter Museum Art Auction "Chickadee" oil on canvas 8x8"
January, Missoula Art Museum, Art Auction, painting "Moving Sky" oil on canvas 
January, Emerson Cultural Center, Bozeman, MT - Celebration of the [...]

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