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Born in 1949, Toledo, Ohio artist, LARRY S. GOLBA has spent most of his life drawing and painting the landscapes and seascapes of Ohio and the many other states in which he has traveled.  Forests, lakes, rivers and architecture are recurrent themes in his vibrant plein air watercolors and oils.  Figures and portraits are favorite studio subjects.
The artist says:
"My passion for painting began when I was very young (8 or 9 years old) and has only intensified as the years have gone by.  Those early years included daily two-hour art classes during all of my four years at Central Catholic High School and continued with even more rigorous study at Bowling Green State University where I received a Bachelor of Art Education in 1971.  Later, I earned my Master of Arts degree at Eastern Michigan University in 1976.  I enjoyed teaching art in the Bedford Public Schools, Temperance, Michigan for 30 years (1971-2001) and Art Education Methods at Eastern Michigan in 1976.  Over the years, I've done many painting demonstrations and conducted numerous local and regional painting classes and watercolor workshops.
My efforts and study have hopefully resulted in well-composed, colorful and dynamic paintings that evoke a moment in time, express atmosphere and mood, and emphasize the ever-changing effects of light and shadow.  My best paintings are impressions of personal experience and careful observation of my subjects recorded on paper or canvas.  Painting, for me, has always been a wonderful and relaxing experience.  I've always enjoyed playing basketball, baseball, golf, and playing the guitar but nothing compares to the challenge and satisfaction of creating a work of art.  While painting, I can get in a "zone" where I can block out worries and stress and simply concentrate on the work at hand, seeing my subject and translating that observation or impression of [...]

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