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Larry Fentz was born and raised in central Indiana. His art career started in the mid 1970’s along with his passion for watercolor painting and two years of study in the medium of watercolor with Indiana artist Luke Buck. During that same time, Larry worked several years as a technical draftsman, artist and designer for a few commercial design studios in Indianapolis, which got his foot in the door of the art world.
In November 1983 he moved to Muncie, IN to work as a staff artist at Paws Inc., home of the Garfield comic strip.  He instantly became an integral part of the comic strip production and merchandising art as an inker and airbrush artist. After a 33 year career there, he now devotes all of his time to his artwork.
Artist ProfileLarry has pursued watercolor painting for over 46 years. He considers himself a transparent watercolor artist on the contemporary side of traditional. His main objective is to simplify, paint expressively with strong values and paint with the largest brush possible for as long as possible, allowing the water to do it's magic before finishing with minimal detail.Learning many techniques over the years a couple of his favorites are incorporating "lost and found edges" and the power of creating "negative shapes.""An artist develops a unique and personal style over time, striving to master his medium and training his eye to compose and interpret what he sees, leading the viewers attention to a focal point in a painting. At this point the artist's eyes, brushes and paints become a different set of story-telling tools."Even though Larry considers himself as being self-taught, he is aware of the many influences in his life that have helped shaped him to be the artist he is today.Larry has had the privilege to study under such renowned [...]

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