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  • FASO Artist Website: http://larainashbyfineart.com

  • Year Born: 1947

  • Price Range: $50.00 - $1,200.00
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I’ve come a long way since my childhood paintings done in the “paint-by-numbers” format. Of course I couldn’t find portraits, my first love, but I had wonderful choice of animals, another type of anatomy. It amazed me how you could put one color next to the other, then step back and the see how the eyes would blend them together. Paint by numbers taught me about values and colors.
My intension in my art is to show the beauty or humor in a world of growing negativity. The negativity of life, I believe, will always exist so we need to balance it with some beauty and fun.
With those paint by numbers I learned the importance of values and try to focus on it in every medium of art I do. I’m still working on using more color in everything I do. The color can create the mood and tell the story and the values will bring it to life.
It’s been said that I have a folkloric style in my oils; I’m not sure I agree with that but who am I to judge, that’s up to the viewer. I hope the viewer will see more than just a style but seek deeper and see the beauty or humor that was intended for them to relate to.


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