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Lanny Sherwin has been creating art for about 15 years and began to focus on painting in 2011. He has accumulated a body of work that displays constant growth, focus, and heart. Figurative art, portraits, and wildlife draw most of his interest, and he approaches each with enthusiasm, creativity, and - often - humor. He says, "My art is what I see combined with how I feel about the subject at that given moment." He feels that painting should be more than a snapshot of the subject matter, but that it should evoke an emotion that resonates with him as a person and as an artist. "I try to steer clear of an overstated style and technique. Right now I love a loose style with intuitive color choices and I let the subject dictate what is best for its interpretation." His creative approach consists of - as he says - "applying butt to seat of chair in front of the easel every day!"
Lanny has been engaged in the creative arts for most of his life: writing, editing, photography, music, origami, drawing, painting... 
Some have been for business, such as being President of Gulfshore Publishing Co., Inc., which published magazines. Some have been for whimsy, such as being lead guitarist for the seminal oldies band, "Midlife Crisis." Underneath all of them has been a stream of curiosity, perseverance, and a desire to achieve the highest quality regardless of the medium.
By the way, Lanny is also President of the children's record label, Sandman Records. He has released 5 kids' CDs, each of which follows his label's motto: "DON'T DRIVE PARENTS CRAZY!  His CDs have won over 50 music awards.  Check out the music at www.SandmanRecords.com.
In 2015 Lanny combined his passions for music and painting and released "Songs To Paint By" - original smooth [...]

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