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Lani Schonberg’s oil paintings express the immediacy of inspiration by using modern Alla Prima techniques while on location. Raised in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska Lani connects to the environment in a strong personal way. Intrigued by the Old Masters oil painters Lani’s artworks are compared to Monet, Van Gogh and Sargent, Sorolla and Manet. Schonberg’s use of grandiose bold brush strokes and varied color combinations capture moods in nature scenes with an ever present emphasis on light and shadow to delight the eye and imagination.
Fortunate to live in the Puget Sound region Lani’s observations are a daily changing interplay of bright sunlight and muted grays that flow freely over the Olympic Mountains to the West and the rocky coastlines of the San Juan Islands to the North. Mt. Baker inspires with its connection to the high craggy ridge line of the Cascade Mountain Range as it flows to the South where Schonberg’s imagination is captured by the ever majestic Mt. Rainier. These views endlessly encourage Lani to create paintings of those visions into bold and lively color compositions.
Schonberg’s early years were lived along the ever changing coastline of the Pacific Ocean in Westport and Grayland, Washington. Lani’s artwork captures the rarified power of nature shown in the miles long sandy beaches that play host to dramatic storms of high winds and driving rain creating the turbulent ocean surf that constantly alters the landscape. Equally, the shoreline is softened by rain and fog that, in its mysterious misting over the dunes, continues to inspire Lani’s artistic side through her frequent trips there.
Growing up in a commercial fishing family included living in Alaska on the beautiful and scenic Island of Kodiak, located within the Gulf of Alaska at the edge of the “Last Frontier”. Alaska deepened Schonberg’s connections to the forces of [...]

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