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  • Price Range: $1,450.00 - $4,500.00
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Painting and drawing gives me a sense of serenity. Art can be a great tool for healing our soul. When I was a child, being in nature and drawing gave me an escape from a life filled with fear and uncertainty. Abandoned by my father, my brother and I were left with our mentally ill mother. Her schizophrenia made her chaotic and frightening. I used art and prayer as survival tools.
   I was born 1957 in Kerrville, Texas, received my first art award when I was 11 years old and have been painting ever since. I spent my childhood in the rolling hill country of Kerrville where I developed a life long love of the southwest.  After many years of exploring northern New Mexico and its diverse beauty I now live in Corrales, New Mexico.
I am an impressionist painter focusing on still-life, figurative works and landscapes. Working in oils and watercolors, I like employing a painterly style. I prefer not to over mix the colors because it can dampen or muddy the vibrancy of the colors. I use palette in many areas of my painting, which allows me to keep the colors fresh. I am always working to achieve light and depth in my work.


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