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I think of my life visually, like a kaleidoscope, where one small turn can shift perspective into a map of unexpected adventures. The common thread has always been Education with emphasis on Creativity, Community and Communication. The beautiful experience of facilitating an on-going Artist's Way group in Boulder, CO, inspired me to  reclaim my artistic interests which, until that time, mostly thrived in my creative work life. 

I chose to paint in watercolor because it was completely new to me and seemed like a fun and free medium without limitations, kind of how I saw myself at the time. It is through the painting process that my affinity for color, texture and form meets my fascination with the unseen world. With meditative pauses, an open heart and the freedom to explore, my paintings seem to take on a life of their own. As if I’m truly painting ‘from the inside out’. Eventually my definitive style emerged.

Colors, sitting demurely on the color wheel, make their appearance at will – sometimes wild and vibrant, often muted and peaceful. Lines dance along as they please - some blurred, others precise.  Like an unlikely visionary puzzle, animals, caves or angels may appear without my awareness or invitation.


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Laney Wax
Asheville, NC
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[email protected]
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