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On New Mexico
My childhood summers were often spent traveling to visit my grandmother’s sister in New Mexico.  Outside her back door in Roswell, far in the distance, was a lone mountain.  Coming from the relative flatlands of Oklahoma, its dark outline against the sky seemed huge, almost supernatural.  I spent hours staring at it.
As an adult, I moved to New Mexico for a time, east of Albuquerque.  The Sandias greeted me each morning; I felt like I was home.  Now, my wife and I plan to return there.  I hope our daughter finds the landscape as exciting and intriguing as I did at her age.
In my work, I try to capture what New Mexico feels like.  A strict interpretation is not my goal.  I want the shapes and colors to stir something in one’s imagination, to share the excitement and mystery I felt as I child.

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