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Lance has been an artist since 1980 or so. Artist talents run in his family. His father and his grandmother were artists and his daughter is following the artists path also. Lance has been influenced heavily by the pacific northwest - Seattle specifically. The mood there can be heavy and dark. There is certainly a lot of rain and he grew up spending his spare time on or near water. There was a period where his art embraced that heavy dark mood and is reflected in his older impressionist and abstract works.
More recently - Lance's art has been more experimental in nature. He has been looking for new ways to express color, mood, shapes and interaction. These works tend to be much less invested in the heavy mood and concentrate on lighter, brighter and more inviting abstraction. Lance's goal for what he calls 'geo abstracts' is to represent societal interactions but in a positive more harmonious way. Staring at the geo abstracts it is easy to get lost in the interaction and huge array of fading, blending, moving nature of the colors.
Lance has developed health issues that do not allow him to do his traditional pastel-style impressionist work anymore. That however has not stopped him from continuing to create art. He may have been forced to look to new methods and techniques but none of this has slowed his desire or ability to express himself. Lance continues do work in traditional media to create very interesting a new abstract works. While his condition does not allow for fine detail work anymore he has fully embraced digital as a new medium to push abstraction to new discoveries.
Lance's work has been in galleries in Denver and New York. He was in a juried international show - The Other Art Fair - in Chicago in [...]

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