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I began teaching drawing lessons to Kyle Stuckey when he was 17 years old. He took to his artwork with fervor, and a year later he began painting in oils. I have never had such a disciplined, hard working student. Today, he can paint circles around me, but I don't take credit for his current work - since he has come this far mostly on his own.


Kyle Stuckey is an American realist painter who began studying art during his high school years simply because he needed an art credit to graduate. He then fell in love with oil painting as he studied masters like Sargent and Waterhouse, took workshops from today’s masters, and became a member of the Putney Painters learning alongside some of the greatest artists today. Over the following decade, he continued to work with oil and develop and refine his impressionistic realism style. Today he enjoys painting an array of subject matter: people, places, and things. 
Kyle has spent much time traveling around the world, painting as he goes. Originally from New Hampshire, Kyle has also spent time in Asia, Europe, Central America, and the U.S. west coast. Now he is living in Charleston, SC.
**Signature Member of the Oil Painters of America
**Member of The Portrait Society of works are available at the following Stringer Gallery |  Vero Beach, FL
Illume Gallery of Fine Art |  Salt Lake City, UT 
Principle Gallery Charleston | Charleston, SC
The Marshall Gallery of Fine Arts | Scottsdale, AZ
Susan Powell Fine Art | Madison, CT
Vanessa Rothe Fine Art | Laguna Beach, and - Finalist: Oil Painters of America, 29th Annual National Juried Exhibition, Woman in the White Dress
2019/2020 - Finalist: 14th Annual Art Renewal Center Salon, In Royal Blue
2019 - Finalist: Oil Painters of America, 28th Annual National Juried Exhibition, In Pale Pink I
2019 - Finalist: Portrait Society of America's Members Only Competition, Red Earring
2019 - Third Place: Artist Magazine Annual Art Competition, Figure/Portrait: Femi
2018 - Third Place: Oil Painters of America Fall Showcase, Marcus
2018 - Finalist: Oil Painters of America, 27th Annual National Juried Exhibition, In The Light
2017 - Finalist: Oil Painters of America, Eastern Regional Exhibition, Morning Light
2017 - First Place: OPA Online Showcase Competition, Morning Light
2017 - Second Place: OPA [...]

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