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I paint the "Emotions" of the scenes in my paintings, realistic and impressionistic.

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Being born and raised in Alaska has given me a love for the outdoors that I try to express in my artwork.   I paint in Oils . I am a realist painter with a touch of impressionism.   Working very closely with nature “en plein air” (on location), has led to a greater appreciation to the natural world around us.   Light is the motivating factor; without it there would be nothing.   To capture the light and how it makes the colors vibrate and tell a story is my goal.   Working on location forces me to be in touch with the scene, allowing me time only to work fast and loose, capturing the emotions and light of the moment.   When I create a larger more detailed work in my studio, I use the plein air paintings as reference, so I can match the emotions evoked at the time I painted them.   All paintings are a “moment in time”; I hope my paintings make the viewer stop and linger awhile.  I am a member of the Alaska Plein Air Painters, and served as President of the Alaska Artists Guild from 2007 - 2012.  Lately I have added figure/portrait work to my portfolio, am enjoying this different venue along with my landscapes.
As I have progressed in my career, leaving behind a body of "Good Art" is my goal. 
2018 - "Two Decades of Art" one man show at Blaines Art.
2015 - Artist In Residence at the Ernest Greunig Cabin and Park in June,  spent a week painting the beautiful scenery.  Had a one  man show at Artic Rose  Gallery in June displaying the 14 paintings from the week residency.  
2014 - One man show at Artic Rose Gallery " Restaurants of Anchorage".  Select 8 well known restaurants in Anchorage and did 2 paintings of each restaurant.   4 of [...]

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