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b.  1964  Anaheim CA
After consideration of many professional artists’ website biographies, it would appear I should write this in the third person…”While successfully navigating the Cinco Muertes, Kurt quit his job and was inspired to paint…”  Let’s be honest, as cool as it would be to have someone write this for me, it’s not going to happen.
Looking my early influences, I am sure being the youngest of 5 children, raised in a home that encouraged creativity in an era of expression and self-discovery had an impact. Gotta love being a tot through teen in the late 60’s and 70’s! Macramé, mood rings, earth shoes, Woodsy the Owl, terrariums and Peter Maxx in the context of Vietnam, the Feminist movement and a host of other interesting things….I guess that’s why they call them the formative years!
I have been fortunate to have been able to make a living as a Landscape Architect and despite being thirty years down the road, I love designing, collaborating and being in the business. At some point when my kids were wrapping up high school it became apparent I was about to have a lot more free time and I began to ponder the possibilities. I enjoyed the idea of having a number of outlets, things to do as my wife and I had more leisure time. I thought it would be great to restore a classic car, learn to play guitar (not well) and paint. I had to find something engaging that would keep me from annoying the crap out of my wife.  
A few years in and painting offers more opportunities to learn and grow than I will ever be able to explore in my lifetime. It is exactly what I needed. It is something I do simply because it is challenging and fun while making [...]

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