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“Creativity is everything to me,” says Arizona artist Ksenya Verse. An exhibiting painter for more than a decade, Verse imbues each of her paintings with her own brand of spirituality and scintillating aesthetics inspired by the indigenous beauty and distinctive aura of the American Southwest. Born in Kazan, Russia, Ksenya realized her love for the arts from a very early age, and both her formal and informal studies focused on cultural pursuits. She began painting on her own at the age of six, inspired by such Russian masters as Ivan Aivazovsky, Grigory Ugrumov, and Ivan Shishkin. She continued to paint throughout her youth, even as she went on to attend ballet and music schools, and eventually to play violin with the Tatarstan National Symphony Orchestra in Kazan. Although she held a deep passion for all these art forms, Verse felt that the visual arts allowed her to best access her creativity and share it with others. Ksenya moved to Arizona at the age of nineteen to broaden her visual and cultural perspectives. She quickly became entranced with the area’s characteristic environmental splendor, and developed an immediate connection to its vast skies, dramatic cloud formations, and shimmering bodies of water. There, she immersed herself in studying the complex relationships among the core elements fire, water, earth, and air., and began to translate those onto canvas. She studied the colors filtered by the sun, as well as the shadows created by clouds dancing over the ground below. These inspired Verse's painting more deeply than anything ever had before, and she reached a new level in the creation of her artwork. Today, Ksenya Verse focuses on exploring the complex visual and spiritual connections between people and their skyward environments ,the places where they meet, both physically and [...]

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