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What makes art so special? Pablo Picasso ones said : “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”. This is what I set out to achieve with my art!
Welcome to my world of passion, my art.


What makes art so special? Pablo Picasso once said: -
“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”.
This is what I set out to achieve with my art, following the path of creative pursuits to nourish the daily life of ‘our souls’ by bringing light and colour into the world.
I was a keen artist from an early age and had that inner feeling of creativity. My mother was artistic, my first boyfriend studied at an Academy of Fine Art and pulled me into the world of art. I was surrounded by artists, experimenting in painting and I actually started thinking about becoming an artist one day. Ironically, I was encouraged to study a different subject. I earned an MBA degree from the University in Poland, then relocated to London where now I attended art classes and studied form, colour, composition, style, mediums and the main rules of art. 
Unfortunately, I was unable to continue developing my art for many years because of marriage, motherhood and professional commitments.  Years passed and luckily in 2013 in Melbourne - Australia I continue with my desire to paint in my own studio, facing a picturesque view of Sanctuary Lakes Golf Course, Victoria.
Influenced by French Impressionist artists I use parts of their approach in a contemporary way, which gives me significant challenges, and the freedom and fun this niche gives me, to experiment with my style. I began to paint in acrylics then moved onto oil paints as the main medium, painting all prima. My artwork is often colourful, and inspired by nature. Through my art and personal magical experiences, I love the dialog with my paintings and create bold colourful brushstrokes. Applying texture, movement and spontaneous shapes in sky colours, light, shadows, reflections and letting the history of the painting show through.  For the last 5 years [...]

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