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Self-portrait of Kristi with one of her dogs.
Kristi was born and raised on a small ranch in the Pacific Northwest among horses, dogs and cattle. With open spaces to inspire and entertain, it was a blessed life for a young girl. 
Her art started at a very young age with lessons in a small-town old church that had been converted into a studio. In 1989 she earned an Associates of Arts in Commercial Arts, then went on to a Bachelors of Arts in Fine Art with a Major in Fine Arts and a Minor in Psychology. Since that time her paintings have been honored in many venues, including being the featured poster artist for the St. Paul and Crooked River rodeos, and in nationally renowned publications like Horses in Art.
Capturing the endangered historic western lifestyle with her classically realistic paintings is Kristi’s way of keeping the romance of the West alive. Kristi wants to tell a story and have the viewer conjure up memories of days past, her goal is to keep the “western” in country and to let future generations have a glimpse of that lifestyle.
Kristi’s favorite subjects are horses, dogs, and cattle. Using oils, pen & ink, graphite, bronze and resin, Kristi portrays her subjects with love and familiarity in a way that puts the viewer inside her world.
Previously living on a cattle ranch that specialized in raising Corriente Roping Cattle, horses, two dogs and a cat, Kristi and her husband were surrounded not only by the ruggedly beautiful High Desert, they also worked hard to keep the lifestyle alive for future generations.
Moving to a different place, has brought new opportunities. Two new, larger, custom studios to bump around in. No more cattle, but the memories are burnt in to recall images and inspiration. The horses and the dog are [...]

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