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Native of Sweden Kristina is primarily a self-taught artist. She grew up surrounded by nature and animals in a family where art was always expressed in some form either through music, wood or metal work, painting and illustrating, or some type of fiber and textile art. Kristina was fortunate to be exposed to many facets of creativity.
Her family moved to South Florida when Kristina was a teenager. In her early 20s she began working as a drafter in an engineer’s office. A few years thereafter  she started her own business and worked as an architectural designer in Palm Beach County for over 20 years. In 1996 she returned to school and earned her B.A. degree in psychology from The Union Institute and University.
Equally adept at figurative, still-life and landscapes, Kristina enjoys working with a variety of mediums. Her love of nature and a deep respect for the tradition of art serve as both guide and inspiration to her goal of contributing to the world of painting. With a strong drafting background, she realizes that her initial drawing skills are key to the development of each painting regardless of subject matter.  She views art as a continuous learning process while experimenting with new tools, techniques and challenges.
“My goal as an artist is to create paintings that are visually stimulating and powerful and that resonate in some emotional way with the viewer. I marvel at the beauty and complexity of creation, the interaction between light and shadow, space and atmosphere and the brilliance and subtleties of color. As the observer of these gifts I realize how privileged I am to see the world through the eyes of an artist. 
In my portrait work I seek to capture the soul of my subject–not just their likeness. It touches my heart when tears well up in [...]

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