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Kristian Mumford is dedicated to representational art that works in paint, music and figure drawing; the beauty of life. Mumford [b. 1980] is a professionally trained and then also self taught Australian artist with more than 14 national and international awards to his credit. Whilst completing his post graduate degree in Landscape Architecture as an artist (after BVA), Mumford was mentored by leading master of watercolour, Joseph Zbukvic  and others where he pick up the 7 traditional truths of painting. Confidently working between NSW, Victoria and South Australia, under a family outfit White Wave Studios, Mumford also draws inspiration from classic masters including, Sorolla, William-Adolphe Bouguereau and John Singer Sargent; as well as modern/contemporary living artists, he likes the grand coastline and mountains of Fleurieu Peninsula,  in remote locations where he paints and collects references. In spring and autumn he likes the endless natural vermillion and sapphire of S.E. Queensland. In the past he also spent much time in western Victoria and north east hills Victoria. Mumford has a passion for conservation, the stars, and the beauty of life in music.  Skillfully evoking the warm romantic beauty of the Southern of Australia has made Mumford not only highly collectible, but one of a rising generation of artists breathing new life into the Australian figurative & landscape tradition.Mumford’s impressive achievements and success are due to his ability to transform any subject matter into visual poetry. He is a avid visual composer and illuminist, and his painterly approach extends to most categories; the figratives are commanding and seductive, the Landscapes illuminating, and masculine, and both often merge. However diverse, Mumford’s art work offers a glimpse into another’s soul, which in turn will give you a glimpse into your own. These, he believes, are the central reasons why we are driven to create and [...]

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