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My path to art started early in a home that celebrated the arts, and fostered a quirky combination creativity and academia.  As a young person, I developed a strong interest in image making through photography.  Adulthood brought a rewarding professional career and a family, leaving me with scarce time to make art.  However, my interest in making art never waned.
Eventually, with trepidation, I enrolled in a degree college art curriculum which took 6 years to complete.  Each year in school, I was honored to have work selected for the juried student art show.  The experimentation with materials and image making consumed me.  This academic training provided the tools to unleash the artistic me.
I now draw on years of life experience and a vast inventory of visual and memorable references.  Travel takes me places I could never have imagined, and fuels my artistic imagination.  Photography and painting force me to look at the world more closely, and force me to evaluate the relationships between objects, people and societies. 
I continue with regular art instruction.  The stimulating collaboration in a class setting allows me to learn, experiment, try, fail, try again, and ultimately grow. 
Plein air painting has recently captured my interest.  This unique challenge is an odd combination of frustrating, exhilarating and liberating.  Plein air painting occurs outside of the safety and comfort of my studio. It has become a challenging, self-imposed objective to combine design, color, lighting and subject matter into a cohesive image, under time pressure, often while being observed.  The genre forces me to stop, breath, study and appreciated the location and moment.  I hope to bring the viewer into the intimacy of the moment, and create a painting that is loose and free.
There are more ideas than time. 
I would like to paint a series of paintings that 'hang' together, visually and conceptually, [...]

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