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I often find myself lost in the beauty that surrounds me. The play of light on a face or the blooming of the evening sky can take my breath away. I seek an intuitive connection to the viewer rather than an analytic understanding.  I have always seen my life and my art as inseparable.  I hope that when you view my art, you feel the sand on the beach, smell the plants and trees and decay of the forest and hear the sound of a child's laughter.
I am a realist painter. This is not a definition of an artistic style that is precise and tightly painted, but instead it is meant in a social sense. It is my attempt to represent subject matter truthfully, without artificiality or sentimentality. I choose my subject when I feel a connection. It is then that I know there is something I want to capture - looking through its physical reality to find its inner essence.
I believe our world needs art to help us stay in touch with our humanity. I donít paint to make a statement but rather to offer a place of repose in our hurried world. I am drawn to the play of light and shadow, but also the mystery of a foggy day. It is my hope that my work will create a space for the viewers to slow down and reconnect with the beauty in their lives. 


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