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  • Price Range: $125.00 - $3,500.00
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Making drawn or painted marks results in evidence on a surface—a collected energy in time.  What manifests on a substrate is a confirmation of exploration.
Life is topographically varied, as is my work.  During relocations all through my childhood, settings, weather and relationships were frequently exchanged for new ones.  The constant adaptation to those many new conditions of environment absolutely informs my work.  Weather charts, discards, maps, junk mail and pieces from my past work often get recycled into current work, altering appearances.
While working on an MA from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, I limited color generally to red iron oxide, titanium white, ivory black and cerulean blue.  These four colors signified aspects of earth, fire, air and water. Using this, I began thinking of how these elements move over, through or around depressions and bulges of objects. During the pursuit of an MFA from the University of Cincinnati, I began creating objects using junk-mail as the material and domestic actions, including baking, folding, scrubbing and etc., as the process. These actions informed the marks I now make drawing and painting and form connections for me in respect to life.  “Still Voices”, my solo show in the Dillsboro Arts Gallery is directly related to this work.  Over a period of years, I drew small portraits from the tiny blue photos of missing children isolated from the thick pile of postcards sorted out of the junk mail.  These were then enlarged and transcribed slowly in graphite onto a procession of 45, 18” x 48” translucent scrolls. 
While I continue to draw or paint from life and consider aspects of color, my intent is commonly about the physical act of manipulating materials and may migrate toward abstraction.  My image evolves in a layered way with traces of its history being sometimes obvious, sometimes [...]

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