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Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, the land of rain, beautiful vistas and Scandinavians, drawing became a regular activity. Seeing paintings in family homes on a trip to Sweden at age 10, inspired Kim on her artistic journey. After high school Kim moved to sunny California, married and had two children, the delight of her life. Once again interested in art, she bought some oil paints, canvas and brushes, painting small gifts for family and friends. A self-taught artist at the time, Kim sold her first oil painting of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge at an Art Festival.  
After working in hotels several years, Kim took art classes, Plein Air and studio workshops and became a full time painter. 
  "The challenges of painting outdoors are many; bugs, sudden weather changes, wind, rocks, snakes, falling leaves, dog's tails (cats could care less), curious onlookers, sand, ocean waves, and cars, trucks or boats suddenly appearing in front of the subject being painted. The rewards come and there's nothing like being outdoors in nature in the beauty of God's creation."
 *My artist-teacher Tom Brown gets the credit for the oil painting (top) of me painting Plein Air- "in the open air".

Traveling to Israel, Petra, Uganda, Peru, Sweden and Europe gave Kim many ideas and photos to paint, along with the beauty of California and the West Coast.  Kim enjoyed painting at a Jewish cafe' in Old City Jerusalem, teaching children acrylic painting at New Hope Uganda orphanage/school, and teaching water-mixable oil painting classes to teens and adults in Lima, Peru. Kim also taught evening acrylic painting for adults, art classes for Meet the Master's, and Senior groups in Orange County, California.

Gamblin Artist Oil paint is Kim's favorite medium and she also paints watercolors and acrylic artworks.
Kim's favorite charity is www.SamaritansPurse.org. Samaritan's Purse [...]

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