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Personally, does your art reflect your enthusiasm for life, your passion? Does it energize you, inspire you?Corporately, does the art in your lobby depict the essence of who you are? What about the boardroom, does the artwork inspire creativity and problem solving
 About me - from me, from the heart:

I have always been an artist within. And it was inevitable that I be a full-time 'thriving' artist. It wasn't always the case... Society/peers/life had dictated that being an artist was not a profession. At least that was my paradigm. As such, I drifted in a corporate world for 30 years by day and painted by night. I am thankful for that time, the marketing and overall business knowledge, the friendships - have all sculpted me into the person I am today.  But, I was not complete.  My passion was laying, waiting forits time.  
In late 2012 this passion sprung forth, and I fell in love with myself again. I permitted myself to be the artist that I have always been.  Awaking to a more beautiful and colorful world is positive and powerful.  This increased passion now flows from within onto each canvas.Whether painting the first sunrise of the year, the intense focus of musicians, or colouring the philosophy of a corporation, I want to capture the energy of the passion.  And as such, my goal is to connect with the viewer by evoking a positive and passionate emotion.About me:  BIO (more professional)Painting & teaching for over 40 years, Kim's passion is evident in her attention to detail in the mediums of acrylic, oil, watercolour and pastel. Her keen awareness to light and colour is expressed by the energy released in each painting.  Traveling on this continent and abroad have taught her to see life through an artist's eye.  For Kim, fulfillment is [...]

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