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For me life has become, not about the destination, but rather learning to enjoy the journey.  That journey has not always taken a direct route.  There have been a few stops and detours along the way.  I suppose that also  describes my journey of discovering my place in fine art.
I have had no formal education in art.  I graduated from a small Baptist college with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, with art as only an occasional enjoyment.   I have no regrets in that part of my journey, as I have learned much.   I have discovered the ability to  create things with my hands.   I have the satisfaction of knowing I can run my own business.  I have enjoyed meeting  and interacting with so many nice people.   Like most introverts, with a little help from friends, running my own company nudged  me out into this world.
15 years ago, because of some outside influences, I found myself taking a different path.   I put down the trowel, and picked up the artist's paint brushes,  and pulled from under the bed those paintings stored out of sight for too long.  Just as I had failed to pull out of myself  the gifts God gave me, and finally share them with others. 
There was a time when fifteen  years was an eternity.  Now fifteen years as an artist makes me realize, those years are only a beginning.  A beginning of a journey that will be winding, yet full of interesting and enjoyable discovery.  I believe like most artists; my best work is still before me.  And I am going to enjoy the journey getting there.
Education:    Palm Beach Atlantic College,  Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
Organizations & Accomplishments: 
                           Cover of "Doberman World"   Fall 1983
                           Member Citrus Watercolor Club
                               2010-2011  President of CWC
                               2011- 2013         Board of Directors CWC
                               2013    2nd Place   Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park [...]

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