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"I LOVE COLOR!" is the mantra for Tennessee-based artist Kim Sanderson.  "As a little girl, I would spend hours coloring and painting: combining as many colors as I could."  It was those early years that she fell in love with the transformative power color and shapes had to a blank page.  Her mother was instrumental in recognizing and encouraging those desires to create by enrolling Kim in several college art classes as a young girl.
Growing up creating she continued her love of design by graduating from O'More College of Design, Kim worked as an interior designer for twenty-five years and was inspirational with her unique sense of color and balance and the significance they played in her projects.  But, the world of design wasn't the creative outlet she had hoped for.  Fortunately, the blank canvas never quit calling.
Upon attending an abstract painting workshop over 10 years ago, (a birthday gift and nudge from her mother), Kim's expressions of color came forward like a "volcanic eruption".  The abstract world allowed her to become immersed and 'lost' in her work like no other creative endeavor, yet, allowed the rest of the world a glimpse into her soul. 
"I am totally involved in my paintings...and they're involved in me.  I share everything with them:  love, anger, peace, frustration, elation, sadness...all my emotions are there, somewhere, in those canvases.  "I pray that those that look at my work can feel a small bit of what I felt when painting them."

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