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Kim Juda Souder, a Shenandoah Valley native and graduate of Montana State University, has been exhibiting her paintings since 2004.  Since moving back to the Harrisonburg, VA area, she has spent her time refining her painting skills, volunteering within the art community, giving drawing and painting lessons to adults and children, and raising a family. 
Although Souder initially learned how to paint in oils, she now works with acrylics and also uses a wide variety of media for drawing.   As far as subject matter, she does not limit herself to categories, but is heavily influenced by the natural scenes of her woodland home.  She also accepts commissions, painting and drawing figures, animals, landscapes and murals by request. 
"Painting is my way of connecting to other people.  I live on the mountain and am immersed in nature every day.  I appreciate my privacy and deep relationship with nature, but the solitude sometimes leaves me feeling a bit disconnected.  Most of my paintings are based on scenes that I see close to my home, and the light of the sun has brought them to my attention and awakened in me a sense of wonder and serenity.  These are scenes that cause me to pause for a moment and reflect on our amazing world.  Capturing those moments with paint and canvas allows me to prolong those feelings and share them with others.  I am particularly interested in the way that the sunlight shows colors that can only be seen upon close inspection."

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