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The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.
It began with a stronger interest in “people” than painting. I have always been fascinated by people…where they come from, what brought them to the place they are today, how they think and deal with life. Through drawing and painting, I would be able to explore and translate this into something timeless. But where to start?
Although I have always enjoyed sketching, my training included an 11th grade art class and a college art class with a focus on renderings as an Interior Design major.  With a desire to build on these basics, I started reading and studying every aspect of visual art while examining other artist’s work and learning various techniques. Through trial and error, I found my natural style of Realism emerge. I believe God has given me a gift and I am passionate about what I do. Not just painting, but all of it. Discovery, examination, and execution of every piece inspires me. Knowing that it is all done for someone else to enjoy is the icing on the cake.
Truth, accuracy, quality, beauty, plight, wonder, tone…
These are the thoughts I have when I choose a subject. What is the history behind the expression, place, or items? My hope is to create a piece that evokes questions, a desire to study it beyond a glance.
My current method is to begin with a pretty intense study of the subject, learning all that I can about it, studying light source and its effect on contour and color. I sometimes work from life, other times from photographs.  I then create a sketch and underpainting followed by thin layers of color. This technique can result in hues and tones that I cannot obtain through direct painting or [...]

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