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The Artist Says:

"With mark making there are no mistakes, no worries of, "you're doing something wrong." Art making is the one place you can be you and express yourself."


Welcome to my world of artistic endeavors. 
I have always been fascinated with atmospheric perspective, building spatial depth and creating interesting surface texture. Using various mediums and materials such as fine art papers, assorted fibers, recycled and vintage items, rocks, egg shells and even shredded snake skins to create unique, colorful works of art.
Using symbolism and hidden images many of my pieces provide an opportunity to invite the viewer to step up close to explore and discover so much more. Each layered paper and fiber collage, mixed medium and encaustic piece I create is a one of a kind work of art hand made by me. My inspiration comes from many places such as a simple word to a walk in the park.
Over the years one of the comments I hear most often about my work is that while the images online are beautiful to see the artwork in person is like really seeing it for the first time. 
     Artist Biography   Kim Ensch has spent many years studying fine art drawing and painting. Currently living in Van Buren Township, in southeastern Michigan with her husband. As an award winning artist many of her pieces hang in corporate and private collections. 

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