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Kimberly Daniel holds a Masters in Art Education from East Tennessee State University. Her passion for creating is fueled by her love for learning. Inspired by a zest to capture objects that surround her everyday life where she sees God as the true Master Artist. She strives to replicate the beauty in which He creates the wonders around us.
Kimberly has taught in middle Tennessee public schools and her local community for more than thirty years. Only taking a short two year break to be the host and talent on a local art education television show.  She created thirty six episodes of a children’s art show entitled, “In My Studio with Miss Kimberly”.
Having only been painting in plein air since summer of 2017, she is still earning her way one stroke at a time. Now spending countless hours roaming middle Tennessee looking for just the right subject to catch her attention.
Currently, she is only in one gallery. You can see her work  at the Turning Leaf  in Blue Ridge, Georgia.
She is a member of The Chestnut Group, Oil Painters of America, and  Women Painters of the Southeast.
“I am constantly looking to improve as an artist and to fill that need to express myself through my art.  Painting gives me joy and fills my life.”

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