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Growing up in North Carolina, I was surrounded by a vast array of trees, flowers and small creatures. My parents were a great influence on my interest in nature. We had a small farm of exotic fowl, pigeons and goats, excavated arrowheads, collected rocks and revered the natural world. Because many creatures were small enough to hold in your hand (frogs, snakes, turtles), they were easy to examine up close. This “examination” of my subjects shows in my work.Watching nature programs as a youth, I was fascinated by the great Northwest. My first visit to Montana was in December 1984 when I fell in love with its people and environment. In the spring of 1988, western Montana became my permanent home.Painting became my passion in 1997. My art education comes from personal observation, books and magazines, a few workshops, and mostly from lots of painting. Watercolor and acrylic are my preferred media. My palette is usually very limited: one of each primary, brown and white. The highest quality materials are used and each acrylic painting is finished with archival varnish. My artwork is a reflection of what I see in my everyday life: magpies sitting on the backyard fence, ospreys nesting near my son’s soccer fields, owlets hanging out at the nearby wildlife refuge, flowers blooming in my flowerbeds, fish caught by my husband, lighthouses photographed during vacation trips…Motivation comes from the challenges I set for myself with new subjects, textures, colors, compositions, perspectives, etc.While painting, my face is so close to the painting that I don’t see the whole picture until I stand back. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle - you focus on all the little pieces, their colors and shapes, and when you get it all together, you see the big picture and get a nice sense of accomplishment.It [...]

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