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An Artist whose work is as varied as her name.
Kathy started her artistic career at  age 3 as a dancer( using her body as her tool), then moved to working with marionettes( using puppets as her vehicle) , then pantomime( creating whole imaginary worlds for others to see)  , then  acting( exploring  vocal & physical expression together) , then Martial Arts( where getting a black belt & creating Kata's helped her bring the physical , artistic & spiritual worlds together) and finally the visual arts, where she can combine all of her expression into two dimensions. 

  " I consider myself a visual storyteller.  I base my stories ( or paintings) on my personal experiences, but hope that the viewer will take what they see & build their own story around it."

Kathy is known as Kathy Gates, Kathleen Gates, Kathleen L Gates,  K. Gates, Kathy Gilmore, Kathy Gates Gilmore, Kathleen Gilmore, Kathleen Gates Gilmore and finally just plain Gates.


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