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I find it amazing and I'm a bit in awe of the group of artists commonly referred to as "Early California Impressionists." The work they produced is incredible, especially when you consider that in the late 19th and early 20th centuries transportation in southern California was still evolving and metropolitan areas just didn't exist. Case in point, to get from the former little pueblo of Los Angeles to Laguna Beach one would have ridden the newly built rails south to a station called El Toro, stayed the night at the hotel and then the next day boarded a buckboard for the coast. All the while toting your paints, solvents, canvases, easel, and luggage. At the very least you could say that many of these artists were driven.
And, I understand that drive. Nearly twenty years ago I became aware of something I hadn't felt before, the need, the urge to create. To make something, something that would fill a hole that my "9 to 5" couldn't. My first response was to go to an art store and purchase watercolor paints and paper and paint something. My initial efforts were miserable, so I went to work at learning; I bought books and took art classes (thank you, Joy Krull). I joined art organizations and painted with other artists, gleaning as much as possible from these associations. And more recently, I've been studying the works of the masters of California Impressionism. Oh, and I paint. Paint. Paint. Paint.
It's an interesting thing that I hear quite often, mostly from onlookers while I'm painting en plein air, that they "haven't the talent" to do what I'm doing. I usually take issue with them and their statement because I feel quite strongly that good paintings come in large part from study and work, and to a lesser degree, [...]

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